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Restroom Cleaning Checklist for Workplaces: A Complete Guide

Do you have a restaurant, retail store, or public office? Then you already know that keeping your public restroom clean and sanitized is one of the most difficult and most important jobs for business owners.

You want your staff and clients to feel comfortable in your restrooms, but with so many people using the facilities, things can get dirty very quickly. Here are some tips to keep your restrooms spotless so your customers will have a clean restroom experience, and you’ll earn rave reviews.

Make a Clean Sweep of the Area

The first step on your restroom cleaning checklist will be to pick up any garbage from the floor, including discarded toilet paper rolls, paper towels that didn’t make it into the trash receptacle, tissues, etc. Empty trash cans daily or as needed for high-traffic restrooms.

Sweep or vacuum floors to remove dust and debris. Don’t forget about air vents, corners, and behind toilets or other fixtures.

Focus on the Fixtures

Obviously, most guests enter your restrooms to use the toilet and (hopefully) to wash their hands. So, you’ll want to make sure that toilets, urinals, and bathroom sinks areas are cleaned and sanitized at least once a day. Nobody likes walking into a bathroom stall and seeing a dirty toilet!

Start by using a professional-grade cleaner. Spray fixtures and follow label directions for application times and other useful guidelines. Use a rag or paper towel to remove soil and fluids from fixtures and polish to a shine. Don’t forget about mirrors and light fixtures. You’ll also want to clean and sanitize door handles, paper towel dispenser, hand dryers, and other high-touch surfaces in the restroom where germs and bacteria may be growing.

Remember, never mix chemicals in an effort to get double the cleaning power. You could create a toxic combination that may cause injuries.

If there’s an odor in your restroom that you just can’t get rid of, it may be caused by uric scale and other soils that provide a food source for odor-causing bacteria. Enviro-Master Services health and safety technicians are trained to identify and eliminate the causes of odors in your restroom. Our restroom and hygiene service provides a deep clean to reduce bacteria immediately and keeps working all week long.

Scrub Tile and Grout

Scrub and mop floors with an enzymatic, non-toxic floor cleaner that can take care of tough stains. Put out wet floor signs if the floors don’t have time to dry before you open for business.

If the grout on your floors is getting dingy, it could be more than dirt. Mold, mildew, and bacteria can develop and live in the grout, causing it to look and smell bad. If this is happening in your business, you may want to invest in a floor cleaning machine or contact a commercial cleaning service for a tile and grout deep clean. Just one treatment can remove buildup and keep your tile floors looking fresh and clean.

Once you’ve removed the mold, mildew, or soap scum from the tile and grout of your bathroom floor or walls, the next step is start mopping. Incorporating mopping into your cleaning schedule will allow for a deeper cleaning and will leave your bathroom smelling clean and fresh!

Don’t Put Off Minor Repairs

A broken lock, leaky faucet, or a burned-out lightbulb can make your restroom appear unkempt and neglected. So, add minor repairs to your restroom cleaning checklist. Make note of needed repairs as you’re cleaning the restroom and address problems as quickly as possible.

If you’re handy, you can quickly fix a faucet or lock that’s not operating properly. For larger repairs, schedule a handyman right away, to minimize the inconvenience for your visitors.

Keep Your Restrooms Smelling Nice

Cleaning your restrooms on a regular basis will keep them looking nice, but you also want them to smell nice. Choose fresh or clean-smelling deodorizers that won’t be overpowering to your guests. Also, it’s never a bad idea to mop your floors with a fragranced solution on a daily basis – this is will keep you restroom smelling great every day.

Refill and Restock Supplies

As a final step on your restroom cleaning checklist, restock supplies of toilet paper dispensers, soap dispensers, hand sanitizer, and paper towels each day. The last thing you need is for someone to get stranded in a restroom that just ran out of toilet paper!

Instead of making regular trips to the local big-box store to restock, an affordable and effective way to ensure you don’t run out of restroom supplies is to sign up for a paper management program. For example, Enviro-Master customers know they’ll always have enough high-quality paper products and hand hygiene solutions available to meet their restroom needs.

Let the Experts Take Restrooms Off Your To-Do List

Make sure your workplace restrooms meet your high standards by partnering with the experienced professionals at Enviro-Master Services. Our local franchise owners understand the needs of businesses in your community and want to make sure your restrooms get the deepest clean possible!

They will create a custom plan that takes care of your property, fits your schedule, and saves you time and money. Complete the form below to let us know how Enviro-Master can help your business stay ahead of germs and bacteria in your business’ bathrooms.

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