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Casino Cleaning: Checklist & Sanitization Guide

The croupier holds poker cards in his hands at a table in a casino.

Lots of cards and cash can change hands in a casino, and so can lots of germs and viruses. Casino visitors, 84 million people in 2022, according to a Forbes report, touch just about every surface — from restrooms to tables, machines, floors, restaurants, and more. Because of the high volume of people going in and out of a casino and the wide variety of surfaces to clean, casino cleaning is a mammoth task with unique challenges. The hustle and bustle of a casino environment, with high foot traffic and frequent touchpoints, requires a meticulous approach to cleaning and sanitation. Without a proper checklist and sanitization guide, keeping your casino clean and safe can be an overwhelming task.

Essential Elements of a Casino Cleaning Checklist

When developing a checklist for casino cleaning, consider breaking down the different surfaces and things you need to be cleaned into different categories. This can help organize the big task of getting everything in your casino sanitized. Like many cleaning tasks, let’s start from the top down to lay out everything:

  1. Air Quality: Regularly replace air filters and consider air purifiers to maintain good indoor air quality.
  2. Countertops and Railings: All surfaces, including countertops and railings, should be wiped down and sanitized multiple times a day. Think of those 84 million people who are likely to touch, cough, sneeze, or spill on any surface.
  3. Slot Machines and Gaming Tables: These are high-touch areas and should be cleaned and sanitized frequently. Pay special attention to buttons, handles, and touchscreens.
  4. Dining Areas and Bars: Ensure tables, chairs, menus, and bar areas are cleaned after each use.
  5. Chips and Playing Cards: You can’t forget the cards and chips people are playing with. A recent study found E coli to be highly present on casino chips. Regularly disinfect gaming chips and consider disposable options for playing cards or frequent replacement.
  6. Restrooms: Casino restrooms need frequent, detailed attention. High-touch surfaces like faucets, toilet handles, and doorknobs must be sanitized often.
  7. Flooring: Regular cleaning and sanitizing of floors, especially in high-traffic areas, is essential. Whether your casino has carpeting or tile, they both need deep cleaning with the amount of foot traffic the surface sees.
  8. Employee Areas: Don’t overlook employee break rooms and workstations, which should also adhere to high cleanliness standards.

Sanitizing a Casino: Best Practices

For a truly clean place where people can relax, have fun, and gamble, sanitizing and disinfecting services are crucial in a casino setting. If customers or employees are constantly getting sick, they may not want to frequent your establishment. Make sure you’re zoning-in on these three best practices.

Frequent Cleaning

High-touch areas should be sanitized several times throughout the day. The more often surfaces are cleaned, the more germs and bacteria get the boot. Not only does frequent sanitization help increase the health and safety of your employees and visitors, but it can also help increase the longevity of your machines by removing harmful contaminates and debris that can cause wear and tear.

Professional Sanitization

Regular deep cleaning sessions by professionals ensure areas that might be overlooked during daily cleaning are thoroughly sanitized. Regular cleaning does not always sanitize a surface. Sanitizing means the bacteria on surfaces are killed, and disinfecting means the viruses on surfaces are eliminated. Cleaning means simply removing organic matter like dirt. To make sure you’re not spreading illnesses, using a professional to deep clean any and all surfaces at least once a week is important.

A professional service such as Enviro-Master Services can help sanitize and disinfect every surface from the top down.

Don’t Forget the Products

Cleaning surfaces is no doubt a crucial step in keeping any business clean, but paper products are just as important. These can be overlooked or seen as a less important task and can often fall by the wayside. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), wet hands can transfer germs more easily than dry hands. When you have thousands of hands touching casino surfaces every day, reducing any germ spread is critical, and having paper products stocked is a step you don’t want to overlook.

Hit the Jackpot With Enviro-Master’s Casino Cleaning

At Enviro-Master Services, we understand effective casino cleaning services are not just about maintaining appearances; they are crucial for the health and safety of guests and staff. With our services, including electrostatic spraying and a comprehensive hand hygiene program, your casino can maintain the highest standards of cleanliness so everyone can have a safe and enjoyable experience at your casino. We offer:

  • Electrostatic Spraying Service: This service uses a sprayer that emits a positively charged mist to coat surfaces evenly, ensuring comprehensive disinfection even in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Hand Hygiene Program: This program includes the installation and maintenance of hand sanitizer stations throughout the casino, promoting good hand hygiene practices among guests and staff.
  • Restroom Cleaning Services: Enviro-Master’s restroom cleaning services ensure that these high-use areas are consistently clean and sanitary.
  • Tile and Grout Deep Cleaning: This service ensures that the floors, often the first thing guests notice, are impeccably clean and free of grime and bacteria.
  • Paper Management: Keep restrooms stocked with all the products you need to prevent the spread of germs and keep hands clean.

A clean casino is a commitment to excellence and customer care. Submit a form or call 1-833-GERMPRO (1-833-437-6776) to make your casino a healthy and safe place to have fun.

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