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What You Need to Know About Your Commercial Cleaning Quote

The Best Commercial Cleaning Quote is One That Meets Your Company’s Specific Needs

Two things to bear in mind when reviewing your commercial cleaning quote: what are you getting for your money, and is what you’re getting what you need? That’s the essence of value in commercial cleaning. Included in the bottom line should be expertise, skilled labor, carefully selected cleaning products, and services that restore the proverbial shine of your facility while also supporting its longevity and hygiene. These services should be, based on the commercial cleaning and disinfecting service company’s experience, targeted towards the specific needs of your type and size of business. After all, a medical clinic, a popular bistro, and a gym do have some cleaning standards in common, and others quite specific to their industries.

Basic cost drivers in a commercial cleaning quote include:

  • Location
  • Your facility size (but some areas need less cleaning, like storage)
  • Frequency of cleaning based on traffic volumes
  • Time required to clean (based on space use, occupied during cleaning or not, deep or light cleaning)
  • Unique projects (windows, bathrooms, kitchens, break rooms)
  • Number of standard checklist items (sweep, dust, empty trash)
  • Cleaning supplies management
  • Labor rate and skill level
  • Add-ons (like electrostatic spraying service coverage)

The quoting company should be familiar with your specific facility, visiting it or reviewing photos, and will probably raise questions or make suggestions based on their understanding of your business cleaning needs.

Specific Services Targeted to Your Needs

For most companies, a basic square footage quote is limited in value. Specialized services, such as an electrostatic spraying service that provides longer-term disinfection, or commercial drain treatment for kitchens and break rooms, should be specifically listed and performed to address key concerns of your company. Commercial restroom cleaning service and tile and grout deep cleaning needs vary for a high-volume retail business, offices, medical treatment rooms, or an industrial facility. Likewise, COVID-19 cleaning service can be critical for some businesses, a wise option for others. Detail counts.

Calculate the Value of Cleaning to Your Company

These days, some activities that were once seen as operational costs for businesses are being presented to management as operational benefits, and commercial cleaning is one of them. Commercial cleaning has its own ROI, including:

  • Employee health and state of mind
  • Customer attitudes towards the business
  • Product quality, especially in food service, medical, and fitness industries
  • Operational efficiency, workers can focus on their primary function rather than cleaning
  • Facility longevity, removing material that results in wear and degradation of the facility

There are many others, including business-specific gains. Your business-specific commercial cleaning quote should list ways that the commercial cleaning and disinfecting service is improving your bottom line, as well as your business facility. That’s why a personalized quote, rather than a generic one, provides the best indication of value.

Your Personalized Quote from Enviro-Master Services

At Enviro-Master Services, we get to know our clients and use our extensive knowledge of the industries we serve to offer specific treatments and cleaning. We know that customers expect and deserve not only a clean, hygienic environment for themselves, their customers, and their workers, but value for their cleaning investment as well. Contact us for more information on our unique service model

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